V&LX 14 Inch Tall V1405 Deluxe Headboard Metal Slat Bed Frame (Full)

$60.85 $70.58

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  • Headboard will give you comfort. Headboard covers Steel Frame Top for the Safety. Frame supports your deluxe mattress for long-last and can hold over 1500LBS
  • Plastic Floor protectors are applied at the bottom of all legs, no scratches on your floor and Rounded edges with plastic Protector on the top of front legs prevents bumping into sharp corners
  • Frame is designed to encase mattress by 5mm deep and Metal slats have double-sided adhesive tape to keep a mattress from sliding
  • By applying noise-free plastic cover on every edge of slats (red and black), when you turn and toss in sleeping, it does not make noise. ample space under bed (12.5 inches) for your storage
  • Warranty manufacturer limited 5 year, Smart package saving the delivery cost
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